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Park Policies

Park Policies
A few special notes specifically relating to parks


We perform at many parks all over Southern California every weekend. However, it is our client’s responsibility to notify the park they will be having hired entertainment, especially live animals. Some parks request a copy of our insurance and/or our business license and permits and we can easily provide copies of those. Some parks require an additional insured certificate with an endorsement that costs $25. We’ve only had 2 parks (both in Orange County) require special wording on the insurance endorsement that costs $150 (ouch!). The client is responsible for paying all city and park fees associated with the service(s) they are hiring. If the client chooses not to inform the park or doesn’t obtain proper insurance, permits, etc. and the park will not allow Reptacular Animals and/or its affiliates to perform their hired package(s), the client is still responsible for the full payment to Reptacular Animals.

Your entertainer(s) always need a close parking spot. Parks can have extremely limited or difficult timing so please make sure to save a close parking spot. If setup is difficult or parking is not saved, entertainment might not be able to start on time. We allow for 15 minutes of setup. Anything beyond that is considered difficult setup and comes off the entertainment time. In the case of extremely difficult setup the entertainer might have to end early to allow for packing up time to remain on schedule for events booked after yours.

Especially in the summer, animals can overheat (and kids do, too); we always need a comfortable shady spot. We can also locate indoors. If it’s over 100 degrees then for any of our “show” packages, animals will need to be kept in A/C and can be taken outside just during their part of the show. If access to A/C is not available (ex. parks) then we will need to be provided with 6 bags of ice to put the animal carriers on to keep them cool. If ice is not provided then the entertainer and client can agree to do the show near the entertainer’s air conditioned vehicle and leave the A/C running with the animals inside during the show. In that case, the client agrees to pay the entertainer a $25 fee to cover car expenses by leaving it running. If all else fails, we cannot risk an animal’s life to be exposed to extreme weather conditions. The client agrees to pay the original remaining balance in the case services are unable to be rendered due to weather provisions unable/unwilling to be met by client.

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