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Before you book us

How soon do I need to book?
As soon as possible! We book on a first come first serve basis and fill up quick! We do dozens of events on a busy weekend and are often running from one party to the next. The sooner you can place your reservation the better. 😉

Do you service my area?
We service all of Southern California and have three locations (Los Angeles, San Diego, Antelope Valley). Travel rates may apply if your location is a bit far from one of our locations. See our travel chart on the price pages for specifics.

I have guests ranging in age from 1-100, what type of entertainment should I get?
Great question. What a 3 year finds fun and amazing, a 10 year old will find boring… and adults are a whole different story. Animals are great for all ages and we modify according to the age group! You can also compliment any animal package with more services. See our Partners page for more details.

Most of the children will be under three, what do you recommend?
Any type of petting zoo! Do NOT try to get little ones to sit down for a formal show. If you want the types of animals featured in one of our shows, we can always modify for an “open house” feel where we let the kids come and go. Better still, do any type of petting zoo! Puppies, bunnies, farm, pony rides, reptile zoo…that way all of the animals are out at once in a pen and kids can come and go.

What type of animals should I get?
We get asked this question daily and that’s a hard one! Everyone is different. If there’s a birthday child, pick a package that includes their favorite animals! Let your child look through our photo galleries and videos and see what they respond the most to. Other people have a theme in mind and order animals that go along with that (i.e. ponies/zoo for barnyard theme, reptile show for safari theme, bird show for luau). Classroom and camps that bring animals in for a one day show tend to go for our mixes that feature a variety of animals. Bottom line: You really cannot go wrong with animals!

What if it’s rainy or extremely hot on the day of my event?
The show must go on and we will be there! Read our rain/heat policies here.

How much time does it take you to set-up?
Your entertainer(s) arrives about 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time to greet and set-up. Some services will arrive even earlier as different services require longer set-ups. Bottom line is your scheduled time is when the service BEGINS, not when we actually arrive.

What if you’re late?
We make every effort to arrive at your event early to setup and start on time. Occasionally, factors beyond our control affect our ability to do so, like a bad traffic accident. If the service you’ve ordered arrives more than 30 minutes late to your event you have the right to cancel the service and will be refunded any deposits/payments in full. If you accept the service ordered after 30 minutes late, then you will be responsible for any balances dues in its entirety.  Due to increased traffic, inclement weather, “Acts of God”, and freeway construction, please allow up to 30 minutes after scheduled start time for the service to begin. If your entertainer arrives late he/she will stay the allotted time afterwards to make up for their lateness.

Are there any extra fees?
You have your package fee, maybe a travel fee and then gratuity is greatly appreciated. You can always book add-ons, petting zoo tarps, etc. but there are NO hidden fees! Just make sure you communicate about any difficult setups as that’s the only surprise we might encounter and have to charge extra for.

What if one of the animals is sick?   Our animals and their safety is top priority. If one of your scheduled animals takes ill we cannot in good conscious transport them. If your event is cancelled due to animal illness, we will refund your deposit or allow a rescheduling for a future event. The other option is to substitute another animal package that is available.

Can you come to a park?
Yep, we go to parks every weekend! You are responsible for any permits and or licenses required by local ordinance. Read our park policies for more info.

Do you guys have insurance?
Reptacular Animals is licensed, permitted and insured for up to $2 million in liability. We can also provide an additional insured certificate for the day for an additional fee.

Can I make changes to my booking?
Any and all package changes to any animal package must be made a minimum of 7 days before your event in order to have the deposit apply. If you would like to make a last minute package change, we’ll do our best but cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your change. Downgrading packages within 7 days of your event date (not due to weather related issues) will forfeit the original deposit.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?   To book a show with us, a deposit by credit card, check, or PayPal is required. The deposit is non-refundable, but will still apply if the reservation needs to be rescheduled, postponed, or switched to a different animal package up to 1 week prior to the date. Any changes within 1 week of the event will only have the deposit credited to a future event if changes were due to rain or heat. All deposit credits must be used within 30 days of the original event date. In the severely unlikely event that your scheduled entertainer cancels due to illness, emergency, “Acts of God,” or any otherwise uncontrollable situation, you will receive a full refund of your paid deposit.

Do I have to give a deposit? 
Yes! We do require a small deposit to hold your reservation and accept all major credit cards; American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as PayPal. Most services require a $50 deposit with more expensive packages and longer booking requiring more. You can pay online or give us a call. The balance for your event is due the day of. We cannot accept credit cards on location so credit card payments need to be made a few days before your event by calling/emailing the office.

How do I book your services?
You can call, email, or submit an online order form. Make sure you know exactly which package, date and time you want. The non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking for all private parties.

Will I receive a confirmation when booking?
We have a “green” office and email our invoices. Please provide your best email address so we can send it to you. We’ll input your information, process the deposit and send you this invoice. Once you receive your invoice then you’re officially booked! You’ll also receive a confirmation call by the day before your event.

To read more specifics about our setup requirement, what goes on during the entertainment and our cleanup, read our event guidelines page.

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