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Animal Class Testimonials

Here are testimonials from our schools, camps and parents!

The Summer Art Academy in Agoura Hills has been proud to host an Animal Encounters workshop for kids for the past 2 summers. We find that children of all ages have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Animal Encounters! The Reptacular staff is INCREDIBLE, they are able to get every child interested and engaged in animals. They are always able to come up with creative, unique, age appropriate projects that the campers love. Animal Encounters is also able to showcase a variety of exotic animals to kids… everything from a hissing beetle to a mini pony! As the Site Director at The Agoura Hills Art Camp, I feel truly lucky to be able to work with Reptacular Animals. I know that every staff member is kind, dedicated, patient, educated and great with children. I also know that ALL of our campers (ages 5-11) will walk away from this class with a new found love and respect for exotic animals. We look forward to having Animal Encounters return to the Art Camp for a 3rd awesome summer!
[Summer Art Academy, Agoura Hills]

I have known Lauren and Jennifer for about 5 years now, first at the Summer Art Academy, and now at Westland School. They teach an afterschool workshop for us at Westland called Animal Encounters, and it is the most popular class we offer! Every week Jennifer brings a different animal to share with the kids – they not only get to handle the animals but they also learn about the specific animal, and how to care for and respect animals in general. Lauren and Jennifer are kind, gentle, and very patient with the children, and the kids all look forward to the class every week. Their classes are very reasonably priced, making it affordable for our families. They show up on time and are well prepared. I highly recommend Reptacular Animals to any school, group, or birthday party that wants a fun, interesting, and well-run program about animals.
[Westland School, Los Angeles]

Animal Encounters has been a part of the Berkeley Hall School After-School Enrichment Program for over three years. It has been one of our most popular classes, especially with our younger students. They are quite fascinated by all of the different animals whether they are reptilian, feathered, or furry. One of the most unique aspects of the class is the hands-on approach. The children get to touch and/or hold these creatures, which not only allows them to learn first-hand about their fellow creatures, but teaches them how to be gentle and respectful. The instructors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and kind. It is truly a remarkable class, and one that we are proud to offer as part of our after-school program.
[Berkeley Hall School, Los Angeles]

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